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Archive for June 2017

What Do I Need to Know About Plea Agreements?

The Texas plea bargain process is a process that allows for a resolution of a case without proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In essence, a plea is an agreement or contract. During the process, the defense and prosecution negotiate …

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What Parents Need to Know About the Texas Juvenile Justice System

Part of growing up means making mistakes — and hopefully learning from them. However, when a childhood mistake results in involvement with the Texas juvenile justice system, the consequences for a simple error can be significant.

Every parent knows children …

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Types of Assault Charges in Texas

In Texas, an assault offense has occurred if:

  1. Someone has recklessly or intentionally caused an injury or physical harm
  2. Someone has intentionally threatened physical harm
  3. Someone has intentionally used provocative or offensive physical contact against another person

Texas assault charges

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