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Central Texas Immigrants Can Seek U Visa Relief – Series Recap

Man in courtThis post concludes my series on how Austin immigrants can benefit from the U visa program. I have discussed a number of subjects over my last several articles. My purpose of this series has been to help Texas residents, who have been the victim of a crime, understand that the U visa gives them an opportunity to gain legal status in the United States. If you believe that you or a loved one are eligible for this type of relief then contact an attorney immediately.

I have discussed several topics over the course of this series. Subjects I have looked at included:

I have attempted to stress, throughout these posts, the need to understand the dual purpose of a U visa. The program is designed to both assist the victims of crime and assist law enforcement in bringing wrongdoers to justice. There is a currently a backlog in the government’s process of applications. This backlog is in part due to the overlap between immigration law and criminal law. Combine this backlog with the fact that only a limited number of visas are issued and the situation is one where obtaining a U visa can be difficult for those applying.

A point to understand is the U visa requires legitimate cooperation with law enforcement. One who applies for relief as a way of staying in the country, who hopes to remain in the U.S., will not be able to do so unless they are prepared to provide law enforcement with information which cannot be obtained through other sources. If this were not the case the goal of bringing wrongdoers to justice would not be met; people would be able to apply for U visa relief without adding value to the criminal case brought by prosecutors. In other words, there will not be “half way cooperation” from those who successfully maintain U status.

If you reside in the Austin area and have been the victim of a crime then you can obtain legal status through U visa relief. Our lawyers assist people throughout Travis County. We understand that moving forward against an oppressor can be difficult when one has been victimized. We will make ourselves available to assist you throughout the process. Call today to speak with our attorneys.

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