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How Central Texas Residents May Apply for Cancellation of Removal with the Immigration Court

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Green card for immigration and social security cardThis is the next post in our series discussing what Austin, Texas immigrants need to know about applying for cancellation of removal in immigration court. Our last post explained what questions an applicant can expect to answer when attempting to prove the “family hardship requirement” of a request to cancel removal proceedings. In this post we will explain what steps an applicant must address in order to ensure their application is complete.

Texas immigrants applying for cancellation of removal must pay attention to all requirements listed on the application

Applying for the cancellation of removal proceedings is a time consuming and tedious task. However, time is of the essence for a person who has been served with a Notice to Appear. It is necessary to gather a great deal of documentation quickly. The first step to beginning the application is to either to hire an immigration attorney or to obtain a copy of the Cancellation of Removal application from the Department of Justice’s website. The application must be filled out completely and truthfully. You will also need to provide supporting documents when submitting the application.

You must first send a copy of your application to the appropriate USCIS Service Center prior to filing your application with the Immigration Court. With your application you must pay a $100 filing fee and biometrics fees with all checks made out to the Department of Homeland Security. You will receive a notice of receipt and instructions regarding a biometrics appointment, which the court requires you to attend. This process can seem overwhelming even though it may sound straightforward. Texas immigrants, who require assistance with the process, should contact a lawyer immediately.

Texas immigrants applying for cancellation of removal must properly file and serve their application

Once your biometrics appointment is complete then you may proceed with filing your application. You must complete two steps in this part of the process. The first is to formally serve the Assistant Chief Counsel for DHS with a copy of your application and a copy of your Biometrics fee receipt, You will then file your original application, a copy of your Biometrics fee receipt, , and a completed certificate showing service of documents to the Assistant Chief Counsel. All of these documents are to be filed with the appropriate Immigration Court.

Gathering these documents is tedious and it is easy to become confused or miss a step. If you are not sure about how to complete a step in the process, or do not know what something means, then do not leave it up to your best guess. Filling out your application wrong will lead to serious consequences. An immigration attorney will ensure that your application is filled out correctly and filed with the appropriate agencies. Contact our Austin immigration lawyers today for assistance in ensuring that your application will be filled out correctly and fairly reviewed.

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