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The Truth Behind 10 Criminal Defense Myths

the truth behind criminal defense myths in texas courts
We’ve all watched many cop and police procedural TV programs and movies over the years. While deep down inside, we know that there is a significant difference from the screen image of crime and the reality, somehow the actions pervade …

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NEW: Expansion of Provisional Waivers for Immigrants

Since 2013, certain immigrants have been eligible to benefit from a provisional waiver. A provisional waiver, if granted, will waive the unlawful presence ground of inadmissibility for those who are consular processing. If one receives an approved provisional waiver before …

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Explaining Divorce to Your Children — And Helping Them Through It

When you need an experienced family law attorney in Austin, TX, call MHS Counsel.

As all family law attorneys in Georgetown, Texas and the surrounding area will tell you, explaining divorce to your children at the right time is the key to maintaining a positive relationship with them. When going through a divorce, it …

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How Georgetown, Texas Defendants Should Proceed When Facing The Revocation Of Probation

Judges chair in court roomThis is the next post in our series on issues a Texas resident faces when serving probation in Williamson County. Our last post discussed what one can expect when serving probation in Texas and how one’s rights are impacted by …

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How Criminal Charges Impact Austin Residents Who Are In the Country Legally

Judge's gavelThis is the next post in our series on how being charged with a crime impacts immigrants in Austin, Texas. My last post analyzed how a criminal conviction impacts a local resident seeking legal status. For the reasons I …

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What Georgetown, Texas Residents Can Expect When Serving Probation in Williamson County

Defendant in CourtThis is the next post in our series on what Texas defendants need to understand about probation. Our last post discussed the need for people to be honest with themselves regarding their ability to succeed when deciding whether to accept

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Georgetown, Texas Defendants Must Be Honest With Themselves When Deciding To Accept Probation

Man speaking to JudgeThis is the second post in our series on probation issues which arise in Texas criminal cases. Our last post served as an overview of topics we will be discussing and stressed the need to consult an attorney if one …

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Serving Probation in Williamson County, Texas

This is the first post in a series regarding facts of which Williamson County, Texas residents should be aware of when it comes to probation. These issues relate to what one should know when deciding whether to accept probation as …

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How A Criminal Conviction Impacts Austin Immigrants Seeking Legal Status

Judge holding gavelThis is the next post in my series on how being charged with a crime impacts immigrants in the Austin, Texas area. My last post discussed the impact of search and seizure issues in both criminal and immigration law. This …

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Search & Seizure Rights Do Not Protect Texas Immigrants From Deportation

Man being arrestedThis is the next post in my series on how the relationship between criminal law and immigration impacts undocumented persons in Texas. My last post discussed the relationship between criminal charges and the deportation process and stressed the need of …

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