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Legal Tips for Stopping Deportation

Are you looking for legal tips for stopping deportation? If you’re already facing proceedings or have an order or deportation or removal already, these tips may help:

  • Find a good immigration attorney immediately if you are facing an immigration judge

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The History and Current State of DACA


Before Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) began in 2012, Attorney Julie Sparks worked closely with DREAMers to push the Obama administration to take action in their favor. The name “DREAMer” comes from the Development, Relief, and

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The Immigration Court System Is Broken

United States Immigration Courts

In a recent episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver highlighted the current state of our nation’s immigration courts and the decisions being made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the Department of Justice …

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Can My Green Card Be Revoked?

The immigration attorneys at Morales & Sparks are regularly asked the following question: “Can my green card be revoked?” Many individuals are confused about the laws surrounding a green card because the status of a green card holder is that …

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37 Common Courtroom Phrases

37 Common Courtroom Phrases

common courtroom phrases

In the legal world, we often use complicated jargon – a term affectionately known as “legalese”. However, for those who find themselves in a courtroom without having attended law school, all these court words and phrases …

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Are Non-Citizens Eligible for Habeas Corpus?

are non-citizens eligible for habeas corpus

One of the central tenants of the American legal system is the writ of habeas corpus. These petitions grant rights to individuals who are potentially wrongfully detained.

In the United States, the state has the right to detain individuals …

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What’s the Difference Between Political Asylum and Refugee Status?

political asylum vs refugee status

Considering our current political climate, most of us are sure to be familiar with terms such as political asylum or refugee status. As politicians debate immigration and foreign wars create refugee crises, the news is filled with stories of …

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What You Need to Know About Expired Visas

Have you overstayed your visa? You may feel nervous about the potential consequences if your visa has expired and you are still in the United States. You may want to limit the impact of this situation. You may even be …

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How To Apply for a U.S. Visa from Abroad

A visa is a document that allows you to enter and reside or visit in the United States for a set period for a specific purpose. For most people entering the United States, obtaining a visa is important before entering …

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What Is a Sanctuary City? And How Does It Relate to Immigration?

You may have heard the term “sanctuary city” in the news lately and you may be wondering how it plays into the immigration debate in the United States. Is this something that could help you or a family member? Should …

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