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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Charges

If you have been charged with sexual assault or any sex crime in Central Texas, you need a qualified defense attorney. While sexual assault charges are serious, it’s important to remember that under U.S. law, you are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to due process and to vigorously defend yourself in a court of law.

If you have been wrongly accused, you will have your day in court to prove your innocence. If you have made a mistake, the legal team at Morales & Sparks believes you deserve a second chance to rebuild your life and to make better choices in the future.

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How Can a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer Build Your Case?

If you have been accused of sexual assault in Texas, there are many things an attorney can do to build your case. They will examine the evidence against you to ensure that all evidence used is legally obtained and not contaminated. If witnesses are unreliable or change their statements, a qualified attorney will question this as well.

If you have made a mistake, an attorney can work to reduce charges and to ensure time served is counted at your sentencing. An attorney can also strive to ensure police and authorities don’t use unethical or illegal methods to prosecute you. Our attorneys will work to give you a second chance at making better decisions in the future.

How Can You Help Your Sexual Assault Defense Attorney?

You play a crucial role in your defense team. You can help your attorney by:

  • Contacting an attorney as quickly as possible after your arrest.
  • Cooperating fully with your attorney.
  • Not making any statements to the police until your attorney is present.
  • Handing over all the evidence and information your attorney needs.

Your attorney understands that sometimes good people find themselves in difficult situations. If you’re working with the compassionate team at Morales & Sparks, you can rest assured that we understand life sometimes takes unexpected turns. Our attorneys will work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and will handle your information in the most sensitive and dignified way possible.

When Should You Hire a Defense Attorney for Sexual Assault in Texas?

As soon as you are charged, you should immediately contact Morales & Sparks for a free consultation. Do not speak to the police without your attorney present. Never make a statement or sign any documentation until you have spoken with your attorney. The attorneys at Morales & Sparks will ensure your rights are protected and will work to give you the most rigorous defense possible, no matter the circumstances.

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