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Simple Assault

Simple Assault Criminal Defense Legal Help in Texas

Simple assault may not sound like a serious crime, but the consequences of a conviction can impact you in a serious manner. If you have been charged with simple assault, you may wonder what the difference is between this crime and other forms of assault. You may also wonder how a conviction could influence your future. Will you face jail time? Could you lose your job?

Getting answers to these questions will require the assistance of a simple assault defense attorney. When you speak to one of the criminal defense lawyers at our Georgetown, Texas, practice, they can advise you on things such as what type of penalties you face if you are convicted and whether you need to inform your boss about the charges.

We can help set your mind at ease during this tension-filled period. At Morales & Sparks, we listen to your side of the story without judgement. We understand that things can happen during the heat of the moment that you aren’t necessarily proud of, but we also believe you shouldn’t have to pay for a mistake for the rest of your life.

Here’s what to expect when you face a simple assault charge.

What Is Simple Assault?

You may have also heard simple assault referred to as “assault and battery.” Any assault that does not fit under the category of aggressive assault is considered simple assault. This may include:

  • Negligently inflicting bodily harm with a weapon.
  • Menacing someone else with the threat of physical violence.
  • Concealing a hypodermic needle that later penetrates a law enforcement officer.

What Are the Penalties for Simple Assault in Texas?

Texas simple assault penalties can include probation, jail time and paying a hefty fine. The penalty will depend on how severe the assault in question was and how it was carried out. Often, penalties become harsher depending on who was assaulted, such as someone who is elderly or a member of your family.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Help With Your Simple Assault Case?

You will gain many advantages from having the sage legal advice of a team of experienced attorneys to draw on during your case. They understand the best ways to fight simple assault charges and when you would be better off reaching a deal. Our team in particular is excellent at gauging what types of strategies to try based on the prosecutor and the judge.

Enlist a Georgetown, Texas, Simple Assault Defense Attorney for Your Case

Our lawyers will help you through every step of your legal defense. We care about helping you and your family through this incredibly difficult period. The qualified attorneys at Morales & Sparks have proven again and again the value of having a creative and knowledgeable legal team in your corner.

We have an excellent winning percentage at trial and we look at the case from many points of view, including helping you confront behavior that led to the charges in the first place.

Are you tired of worrying about your simple assault charge and how to fight it? Let us take on that burden for you. Contact Morales & Sparks today to discuss your case.

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