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2nd Offense DWI

2nd Offense DWI Charges in Texas

Being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the Lone Star State can have serious implications. A first conviction for driving while intoxicated in Texas where the vehicle operator’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is under .15 constitutes a Class B misdemeanor.

The conviction carries the possibility of a fine of up to $2,000 and/or a jail sentence of three to 180 days, and a license suspension of 90 to 365 days. In situations where the BAC is .15 or higher, the fine can double to $4,000, and the length of the jail term and license suspension can also increase significantly.

A 2nd offense for DWI can have even more severe consequences. Penalties can include a fine of up to $4,000, a mandatory license suspension ranging from 180 days to two years and a possible jail term of 30 days to one year. In addition, you may need to:

  • Make frequent visits to a probation officer
  • Participate in supervised community service
  • Attend DWI school
  • Undergo drug/alcohol counseling

What’s more, if the 2nd conviction occurred within five years of the initial offense, Texas law mandates that you must install and maintain an interlock ignition device in your vehicle. This requires you to pass a breath test to start your vehicle.

Other Possible Consequences of a 2nd DWI Conviction in Texas

In Texas, the court system has the final say in DWI cases. Depending on the situation, the court can alter the penalties, especially in cases involving accidents, injuries or extreme levels of intoxication. Regardless of the severity of the penalties, a conviction for a 2nd DWI offense can have consequences that go beyond jail time, loss of driving privileges and financial penalties.

For example, the criminal record that results from the conviction can make it difficult to find a job or prevent you from owning a firearm. You may also have limited rights in child custody cases or, if you are an immigrant, obtaining a green card or becoming a naturalized citizen.

An Experienced 2nd Offense DWI Attorney Can Make a Positive Difference in Your Case

If you’ve been arrested for a 2nd DWI offense in Texas, you need to contact a capable DWI attorney as soon as possible. If the alleged offense occurred in Georgetown, TX, or elsewhere in Williamson County, the law firm of Morales & Sparks, P.L.L.C., can provide the aggressive representation you need to attain the best possible outcome in your case.

Mark Morales is a trustworthy 2nd offense DWI lawyer with extensive experience handling matters related to drug and alcohol-related driving charges. Mark also has a solid track record for getting the best results for his clients.

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