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DWI of a CDL Holder

DWI Charges for Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

If you make your living on the road, you can’t afford to lose your driving privileges for any length of time. A license suspension may result in employment termination — and hinder your future job prospects. You can lose your commercial driver’s license (CDL) for a variety of reasons, but in many cases, a conviction for driving while intoxicated is the cause of a suspension.

Commercial Drives Must Meet a Higher Standard in Texas

Commercial drivers spend a substantial amount of time on the road and are often operating tractor trailers or other large vehicles that can inflict significant injuries or damages in a crash. Consequently, they are held to a higher standard regarding DWI.

In Texas, drivers who are age 21 or older and hold a noncommercial license can be charged with DWI if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or above .08. However, if you have a CDL and are driving a commercial vehicle, you can be arrested for DWI if you have a BAC equal to or greater than .04. The threshold is still .08 if you have a CDL and are driving a noncommercial vehicle.

What Are the Penalties for a CDL-Related DWI in Texas?

If you’re a first-time CDL DWI offender in Georgetown, TX, or anywhere else in the Lone Star State, you can face the same penalties as the holder of a noncommercial license. If you show a BAC under .15, you could receive a fine of up to $2,000 and as much as 180 days in jail.

If your BAC equals .15 or greater, the fine can be as much as $4,000, and you may receive a jail term of up to a year. Additionally, if you have a BAC at or above the legal limit or you refuse to take a chemical test, you will lose your CDL for one year. If you drive a commercial vehicle that’s placarded for hazardous materials, the length of the suspension expands to three years.

Can I Get an Occupational License?

Holders of a noncommercial driver’s license suspended for DWI may petition the court to receive an occupational license. This essentially enables them to drive back and forth to work so they can continue to earn a living while their “regular” license remains under suspension. Unfortunately, CDL holders who lose their license due to DWI are not eligible to apply for an occupational license in Texas.

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