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Murder Defense

murder defense attorney texas

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Helping Fight Murder Charges

Under the laws of this land, every person who is accused of a serious crime is considered innocent until they’re proven guilty. Our nation is also founded on the idea that everyone deserves a second chance. In fact, many of the earliest settlers of this country came from overseas to escape charges against them or to build a better life for themselves after making mistakes.

If you have been accused of homicide, murder or any serious crime, contact Morales & Sparks for a consultation. You can speak to a criminal defense lawyer for murder at one of our offices, and we can help create a plan for how you can proceed to protect your assets, your future and your reputation to the furthest extent possible.

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What a Murder Case Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do for You

If you have been accused of homicide or murder, a defense attorney can gather evidence and interview witnesses to prove your innocence. They can also carefully review the actions of authorities before and after your arrest to ensure no illegal steps were taken.

A qualified criminal defense lawyer for murder in Georgetown or your city can also develop a personalized action plan to build the strongest defense for you. No two cases are the same. One case may hinge on specific DNA evidence while another may revolve around witness testimony. At Morales & Sparks, we believe it’s imperative to treat each case with the utmost diligence. We go over details carefully and work with our clients closely to develop strong cases.

How Can I Help My Williamson County Murder Lawyer With My Defense?

If you’ve been accused of homicide or murder and are working with a defense attorney, you can:

  • Tell your attorney everything you know, so they have all information needed to build a strong defense.
  • Contact an attorney as quickly as possible, before you give up any rights.
  • Cooperate with your attorney and do whatever your attorney tells you.
  • Never sign anything or speak to anyone about your case without your attorney’s knowledge and consent.
  • Avoid posting information about your case on social media or via email unless your attorney tells you that you can.

When Should You Contact an Attorney?

As soon as you are charged with a crime, you should contact an attorney. You should speak with your attorney and insist your attorney be present before you make any statements or sign any paperwork. When you are arrested and charged, you have the right to remain silent, and it is important to exercise this right. As soon as you begin talking, police and other authorities may use whatever you say. Even if you think what you say is helping your case, the information you provide can be turned against you. Contact an attorney and start working with one as quickly as possible to ensure your rights are protected.

What About Court-Appointed Attorneys?

Court-appointed attorneys are available to anyone who cannot afford legal representation. Unfortunately, these attorneys, while often trained and conscientious people, have heavy caseloads. They are often unable to give the detailed attention your case may deserve. If you’re concerned about legal costs, contact Morales & Sparks for a consultation. We can discuss your options as well as the likely costs of your case.

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