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Probation Violation

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Criminal Defense Legal Help for Probation Violation in Texas

In the state of Texas, a motion to revoke probation is a serious matter that requires strong legal counsel. The view of the state in probation violation cases is that the person in question got a second chance and did not take advantage of it.

At Morales & Sparks, we serve as probation violation criminal defense attorneys in Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin, Texas. We may be able to help demonstrate you did not violate your probation and secure fines versus jail time for violating probation in Georgetown, Texas and other Central Texas locations. We always treat you with respect, looking after your best interests as you face probation violation in Texas.

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What Is Probation Violation?

Your probation comes with terms that, when violated, can trigger a motion to revoke violation. A probation officer typically files a motion when you:

  • Fail to report
  • Fail to complete required DWI or drug classes
  • Fail to complete community service
  • Fail a drug test
  • Commit a new offense

Rather than a new trial, a judge hears motions in a hearing. There’s also a much lower standard for probation revocation hearings. The standard is a preponderance of evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt, which places the violator as a disadvantage.

What Are the Penalties?

The penalty for probation violation is typically outlined in your plea bargain if you are on regular probation. This plea bargain will show a maximum number of years you can be sentenced to upon violation.

If you are on deferred adjudication, it’s different. There’s no maximum number of years listed on a plea bargain. Instead, you can receive the full range of punishment available given your charges and circumstance.

Providing a Strong Defense

If you’re facing a motion to revoke probation in Texas, you must have a strong defense team who can help you through legal and procedural issues. It’s important to know that your hearing judge is not evaluating your initial crime. That is completely irrelevant in a motion to revoke probation hearing. Rather, the judge is only looking at evidence of your probation violation. A strong defense can demonstrate you did not violate probation, helping you to avoid jail time.

As with any legal issue, there are also procedural issues. When you have a strong defense team, you have knowledge and experience on your side. A good attorney can make sure you file what needs to be filed, appear when you need to appear and follow the procedures needed to see the motion to revoke probation dismissed.

Experience on Your Side

At Morales & Sparks, we know the probation violation process and how to help our clients through it. When you’re facing probation violation in Georgetown, Round Rock or Austin, Texas, we may provide a compelling and passionate defense that focuses on your case and why the motion should be dismissed or limited to a fine.

We believe in our clients, their innocence and their ability to correct admitted mistakes. We deliver a defense that you deserve, looking after your best interests and doing everything possible to help you avoid jail time.

Contact us today to secure your violating probation criminal defense attorney in Texas.

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