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How Does Green Card Sponsorship Work?

A green card grants you many of the same rights as citizens, and you will have the ability to live, work and move freely in the United States as well as travel internationally on temporary trips. You can also serve in the Armed Forces, and a green card is a path to citizenship for those who qualify. As a permanent resident with a green card, you cannot vote. Unlike citizenship, you can lose your status if you commit a crime or abandon your status.

Green card sponsorship is one way to secure permanent residency in the United States. The two most common ways to secure sponsorship are through family or employment. If you would like representation to help you obtain a green card and or if you are having any challenges with sponsorship, contact Morales & Sparks to speak to an immigration attorney in Texas.

What Is Green Card Sponsorship?

Sponsorship means that an individual or organization has petitioned a non-citizen for legal status. If you are a sponsor, you petition by filing immigrant forms and providing information on behalf of another person. You can petition for a worker or some family members.

Green card sponsorship through family can allow families to be reunited or remain together in the United States. For employers and potential employers, it allows them to sponsor a qualified employee so they do not lose that talent. For workers and individuals with families or interested employers in the United States, sponsorship provides a path to permanent residency for the immigrant.

How Can I Become Sponsored?

You are eligible for be sponsored on an I-130 petition by a family member if that family member is a U.S. citizen and you are the person’s sibling, parent, spouse or child. If you are the child of a lawful permanent resident, you must be unmarried and under 21 years of age. Spouses of permanent residents may also be sponsored. The I-130 petition is the first step to obtaining residency or a green card. The actual green card application or immigrant visa may be granted if the petition is approved. It is very important to note that not all beneficiaries of an approved I-130 petition are eligible to receive a green card. If you have questions about your eligibility to receive a green card based on an I-130 petition, it is best to seek advice from a qualified attorney before filing the I-130 petition.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Sponsor for an Immigrant?

If you are a family member sponsoring someone, and that person files for residency, you will have to file Form I-864 Affidavit of Support, which obligates you to support your family member in some circumstances. You must meet the minimum income requirements to qualify as the sponsor in this regard. However, if you do not earn enough, you can have another individual, be it a friend or family member, to act as a co-sponsor in the immigrant’s case.

What Does It Mean to be a Sponsor for an Immigrant?

A sponsor is someone who is qualified through their U.S. citizenship or permanent residency to file an immigration petition on behalf of a qualifying person to come to America with a green card or obtain a green card while in the U.S.

What If I Need Help With My Green Card?

Some cases take months while other sponsorship process can take years. For helping starting the process, contact Morales & Sparks for professional and experienced immigration representation by an attorney in Texas.