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How to Help a Detainee with an Immigration Hold

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Being apprehended for any offense is upsetting and frightening, but the situation can become even more nerve-wracking if you or a friend or family member is placed under an immigration hold and transferred to another facility. If someone you know is detained by law enforcement and has an immigration hold, contact Morales & Sparks for a consultation with a qualified and caring immigration attorney.

How to Help a Detainee with an Immigration Hold

An immigration hold is also known as a detainer, which is an event that occurs when a person who is already in jail is held for 48 hours to be transferred to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Anyone who is not a citizen could be subject to an ICE or immigration hold.

Immigration holds are upsetting not just for those who are apprehended but also for friends and family of the person detained. If someone is arrested for a minor offense, they may reasonably expect to leave jail quickly. However, a hold means this person is instead placed in an ICE detention centers far from the prison. In some cases, these detention centers may be even outside of Texas.

You should be aware that if you pay the criminal bond for the person detained, this will trigger the 48 hour period to run and the individual will likely be picked up by ICE very quickly. It is important to consult with an immigration attorney who can plan in advance before your loved one is taken by immigration.

Need to Help Someone in Immigration Hold?

If a friend or family member has an immigration hold, you may find out because they’re permitted to call you. If this is the case, try to find out where your friend or family member is being held and tell them not to sign anything. Sometimes, those with immigration holds are given the option to sign an agreement to be removed or to voluntarily depart the country. If your friend or family member signs this document, they may not have any legal options to remain in Texas or the United States.

Your first call should be to an immigration attorney in Texas who has experience with immigration hold cases. You will want to make this call as soon as possible. In fact, if you know someone who is undocumented in Texas and they are charged with a crime, it would be wise to contact an immigration attorney even if an immigration hold has not been placed yet. An attorney can work to find your friend or loved one and may be able to offer legal representation in removal proceedings.

Someone who has an immigration hold in Texas will likely be deported if they already have an outstanding order of removal. If they do not, they have a right to appear before an immigration judge and present a defense to removal or deportation. An attorney can help prepare your friend or loved one for court and can represent them.

Count on Morales & Sparks for Immigration Hold Situations in Texas

If you would like to speak to an immigration and criminal defense attorney in Texas, contact Morales & Sparks for a consultation. Our legal team has years of experience in criminal defense and immigration cases, as well as a reputation for treating clients like family. We’re also known for finding those elements that can help make an unwinnable case potentially winnable.

For compassionate, experienced and forward-thinking representation, contact Morales & Sparks today.