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Central Texas Lawyers Assisting Texas Residents With The Immigration Process

Every year thousands of people from different countries apply to enter the United States. The move is intended to be temporary for many people. Such temporary moves include those coming to the U.S. for education or work opportunities. Others seek to make the United States their permanent home. Our Austin, Texas immigration attorneys assist persons who either wish to move to the United States or wish to bring their family members to the U.S. to reunite with them. Immigration laws are complex and there are multiple types of visas, applications, and other issues which can prove confusing. Our attorneys will help you and your family determine which pathway is right for you. Contact our lawyers today for a consultation. We have offices in Austin, San Antonio and Georgetown and we serve clients all over the world.

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Central Texas immigration attorneys assisting with all visa and green card applications

People are often confused regarding the required process when they wish to reside in the United States for an extended period of time. The type of application you must fill out, and the amount of detail required, depend on several factors. These factors include the reason for your travel to the U.S., the privileges you wish to receive once you get here, and how long you plan to stay. A temporary visa is meant for persons who wish to live in the United States for a period of time but will continue to consider their home country as their permanent residence. A green card, by contrast, is meant for persons who wish to make the United States their permanent home and offers many of the same protections and privileges as citizenship.

Our Austin immigration attorneys help those intending to immigrate to the United States as well as family members who wish to facilitate a loved one’s move. We will guide you through the application process as well as the determination of which option is right for one’s specific situation. We assist with the following processes:

Our lawyers will use your initial consultation (which can be completed in person or over the phone) to ask a series of questions regarding your immigration plans. We will ask you why you wish to immigrate to the United States, if you have family support, if your family member or loved one is a U.S. citizen or a lawful permanent resident, if you have any job prospects or educational degrees, or if you wish to study at a university following your move. Lead attorney Julie Sparks will consider all of the factors of your situation and help you determine the best pathway to entering the country and becoming a permanent resident, if that is your goal. We will ensure that all applications are correctly filed with the appropriate agency, that all fees are paid, and that all documents, required evidence and medical examinations are properly submitted. We will also prep you for your visa interview in order to ensure that the application process goes as smoothly as possible. If you wish to immigrate to the United States, do not attempt to understand all of the immigration laws and procedures alone. Contact our Austin, San Antonio or Georgetown offices today. We service all of Williamson and Travis Counties, Texas.

Central Texas Attorneys Helping with Citizenship and Naturalization

A person has two options once they have become a lawful permanent resident( meaning they have obtained their green card.) They may continue to live in the United States under their current status indefinitely or they may begin the process of becoming a citizen after a certain amount of time passes. If one does not choose to become a citizen, then they may have to deal with issues such as renewing or replacing their green card from time to time. If you plan to become a citizen, you should consult an attorney in advance to ensure a smooth process. If you have any criminal history, it is critical that you consult with an attorney prior to renewing your green card or applying for naturalization. Our Austin attorneys can help with all green card matters as well as helping green-card-holders begin the process of citizenship.

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