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Immigration Appeals Attorney in Central Texas

One of the key tenets of the U.S. legal system is the right to appeal. This right extends to immigrants whose cases have been denied by judges.

At Morales & Sparks, we have deep experience in walking alongside immigrants as they appeal the disposition of their cases. We create compelling briefs that outline why the decision received should be reversed.

As your legal aid for immigration appeals in San Antonio, Texas, we can make sure you stay up to date on deadlines and the important timing of certain events. Without adherence to these deadlines or the policies and procedures related to them, your appeal will fail before it’s even heard. We can help you through the process and ensure you don’t put your appeal in jeopardy.

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What to Expect When Appealing a Decision

Judges deny immigration cases on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

You have the right to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. There are key benefits that go along with your appeal, one of which is the right to remain in the United States until your appeal is completed.

You may appeal by delivering the proper documents to the Board of Immigration Appeals office in Virginia. There are no hearings, but rather your appeal is completed in writing and the Board considers what’s been said. It’s not exactly an entirely new hearing, but rather a review of the hearing that’s already been completed — and an evaluation of how the decision was rendered.

The appeal and all proper documentation must be filed within 30 days of the original decision. The Board will then consider your supporting documentation, as well as that of opposing counsel. The process can take months and sometimes even years.

At Morales & Sparks, we help you create the most compelling appeal possible. We also ensure you submit all needed paperwork within deadline windows. One of the forms that must be submitted is EOIR-27, which is called the Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative Before the Board of Immigration Appeals. In short, it lets the Board know that we will represent you during your case. We can be your trusted guide through this challenging and complicated process.

About Morales & Sparks

Mark Morales and Julie Sparks are a team of experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys who treat clients like members of their own family. If you’ve found yourself receiving an unfavorable immigration decision, we are your source for legal help for immigration appeals in Austin, Texas. We bring confidence and kindness to your case, taking the fear and worry out of the immigration process and helping you find the best possible outcome.

Contact us today if you’re appealing an immigration court decision in Austin, TX.

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