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Citizenship and Naturalization

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Citizenship and Naturalization Immigration Attorneys in Central Texas

Immigrants are in an unfamiliar country dealing with unfamiliar processes. This makes citizenship and naturalization extremely challenging, which is why it’s helpful to have trustworthy representation on your side.

At Morales & Sparks, we offer the legal counsel you need to help you become a U.S. citizen. We treat you like a member of our own family, and we respect the challenging nature of your situation. We know this can feel like a long and drawn-out process. During these challenging times, we help keep your family together and your dream alive.

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What Steps to Take?

The first step is to establish permanent legal residency in the country. An immigrant can be sponsored by a spouse, employer or family member, or they can apply for asylum or refugee status. There are also special programs, such as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, which can help you achieve permanent legal residence. In this program, the U.S. government chooses 50,000 individuals at random each year from countries with low immigration rates to the United States.

Once you’ve established yourself as a permanent legal resident, you enjoy many of the same privileges as a citizen. You can enter and leave the country without restriction, and you can also petition for green card status on behalf of your family members. What can’t you do? You cannot vote or run for office.

Citizenship is achieved either through birth or naturalization. Immigrants must wait five years before applying for naturalization. The length of time is shortened to three years if the applicant is married to a U.S. citizen or has served in the military.

After applying, the applicant must submit to fingerprinting, a background check, an in-person interview and a test that addresses English-speaking ability, civics, U.S. history and government. If the application is approved, the final step is an oath of allegiance — it is the last step in the naturalization process. If the application is denied, the applicant can ask for a new naturalization hearing.

How Counsel Can Help

The naturalization process is complicated. At Morales & Sparks, we walk you through this complicated process, steering you clear of common mistakes, helping you toward an approved application, or constructing a proper petition if your application is rejected or denied.

For many, U.S. citizenship is a dream that, once realized, will help make their lives and the lives of their families better. We do everything possible to help you reach the best possible outcome as you pursue naturalization.

Morales & Sparks: Your Legal Counsel

Our partners include Mark Morales and Julie Sparks, experienced and knowledgeable legal representatives who treat each client as if they are a family member. We passionately pursue your needs, always believing in your case and fighting for your goals. When you need help with citizenship and naturalization in Austin, TX or the surrounding area, we may be able to provide the counsel you need to achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact us today to secure a dedicated and compassionate naturalization attorney in Austin, Texas.

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