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Green Cards

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Immigration Attorneys Providing Assistance with Green Card Issues

Obtaining a green card is different from obtaining citizenship for a number of reasons. After receiving a green card to gain permanent resident status, there are a number of issues that come up that can cause you to face risk in renewing your green card. Some issues could lead to you losing your status altogether. Our Austin immigration attorneys help permanent residents with a number of post-green card related matters. If you are a permanent resident and have questions regarding your green card status, or what you need to do to maintain your permanent residency, contact our office today.

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Protecting Your Green Card Status in Texas

Once you receive your green card, you are agreeing to live under the rules and conditions you agreed to when you applied for the card. Green card holders must permanently reside in the United States, follow all laws, pay taxes, and some males must register for Selected Service. Residents must also be mindful that their green card requires a renewal every ten years. Also, they must immediately replace their card if it is lost or stolen. Our Texas immigration attorneys are available to assist with green card matters that may come up after one’s card is issued. These issues include:

  • Helping with preparing for extensive international travel and ensuring it does not interfere with permanent resident status
  • Providing assistance for residents who have failed to file their income tax
  • Providing assistance for permanent residents who have been charged with or convicted of a crime
  • Providing counsel to those who have been arrested during a political protest
  • Providing assistance to those accused of working illegally or “under the table”
  • Helping males who have not registered with the Selective Service
  • Helping residents replace lost or stolen green cards
  • Helping residents apply for a green card renewal

Failing to take care of the above issues could result in the loss of your immigration status, your inability to apply for citizenship in the future, your ability to sponsor a relative for a green card. Failure to address some issues could lead to deportation. For those with a two-year condition resident green card, failure to file certain petitions on time will likely lead to a loss of resident status and may lead one to face removal charges in immigration court. If you have already missed the deadline for filing, contact our office today so that we can develop a legal plan to solve your problem.

Loss of privileges can often be avoided through planning and dealing with the matter immediately. Our Austin, San Antonio or Georgetown offices will analyze your specific situation and help you come into compliance so you are meeting your legal responsibilities. Contact our lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation. We service all of Williamson, Hays and Travis Counties.

Giving Clients the Respect They Deserve

We understand the stress that comes with green card difficulties. Our office strongly believes that clients should be treated like family.Lead immigration attorney Julie Sparks regularly provides clients with her cell phone number and promptly responds to all emails. She will remain in regular contact with you throughout the process and be there when you have questions. Austin is an area where many people face these kinds of issues. Our lawyers are ready to assist you.

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