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B-1 Visas

What is B-1 Visa?

A B-1 visa is issued to visitors to the United States who are visiting on a temporary basis to conduct business. You must be able to prove you have business-related reasons to be in the country and you will be here only for a limited length of time.

You must have a place to stay during your visit already lined up. The government will also want proof you have a residence outside the United States where you continue to reside and have no intent of giving up that residence to live permanently in the U.S. Finally, you must meet all other criteria for admission to the United States.

Not sure whether you meet these requirements or can fill out the application for this type of visa appropriately? Consult an immigration attorney.

We have B-1 visa lawyers at our Austin, Texas, office who can answer your questions about the application process and your eligibility.

B-1 Visa Application Requirements

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services lays out four main ways to qualify for a B-1 visa.

1. Consult With Other People in Business

If you are talking to a company in the United States about a merger or acquisition, for example, you can cite this as a reason to enter the country. You could also be offering business advice or consulting on how to institute a new system you have used in your company in a U.S. corporation.

2. Attend a Business Conference or Convention

Are you interested in going to a conference or convention in the United States? If you plan to attend one, the following types of conference would qualify you:

  • Scientific
  • Educational
  • Professional

For instance, an engineer from a foreign country could apply for a B-1 to attend an engineering conference that would share information that could help in their job back home.

3. Settling an Estate

If you are involved in settling someone’s estate, you may receive a B-1 visa to take care of your part of the process.

4. Discussing a Contract

Are you interviewing someone for a job in your country? Are you considering hiring a consultant from the United States? Are you involved in negotiations for something else business-related? Then you may qualify for a B-1 visa.

Hire an Austin B-1 Visa Attorney to Handle Your Case

When you enlist a Texas immigration lawyer to oversee your B-1 visa application, you get peace of mind from knowing everything possible is being done on your behalf to secure your visa. We understand what the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will look for on the application. We know the deadlines and the process for filing this application, so you don’t have to worry about missing something.

You may have a lot of questions during this process. We can answer them and offer support as you wade through the application and waiting period. Get in contact with Morales & Sparks today to discuss how we can assist you with your B-1 visa.

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