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What Do I Need to Know About Plea Agreements?

The Texas plea bargain process is a process that allows for a resolution of a case without proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In essence, a plea is an agreement or contract. During the process, the defense and prosecution negotiate to determine what charges the defendant will plead to and what punishment they will accept.

The negotiation process offers some benefits. For the state, plea agreements may save resources by ensuring not all cases go through a full trial. For the prosecution, a plea agreement can mean a defendant agrees to plead guilty, saving the time and effort it would take to prove this. It also removes the onus to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Should I Accept a Plea Agreement?

There are several advantages to the plea bargain process for a defendant:

  • It can mean not waiting for a long time for a case to resolve itself, which means returning to school or work more quickly
  • It can mean accepting penalties and resolving them, getting back on track after making a mistake
  • It can mean lesser charges — although this is not necessarily the case
  • It can offer lower penalties in cases where there is considerable evidence
  • It can mean a better outcome than what a defendant may expect in court
  • It can mean less time dealing with accusations and the stresses of being in court

If are considering a plea bargain, consider the consequences. You may still face probation, jail time, fines and other penalties. Several factors will determine whether a plea bargain is right in a specific case. The prosecutor’s disposition, the evidence of the case, the seriousness of the crime, the defendant’s background and past, and other factors can impact a plea agreement.

It is difficult to tell whether a plea agreement will work in a defendant’s favor or not. Certainly, the prosecution is not duty-bound to offer an agreement advantageous for the defendant. You may get a better outcome by going to court or by pleading.

If are considering a plea bargain in Texas, it is important to talk to a plea agreement lawyer first. An attorney can look at your case and determine what options exist. He or she may find you have a strong case and may have a good chance in court, or a plea agreement attorney in Texas may determine you have a better chance of going through negotiation. Either way, a plea agreement is a big decision and an experienced attorney can help with this choice.

If you’d like more Texas plea bargain info or would like to speak to an attorney, contact Morales & Sparks. Our law offices help defendants every day and we treat each client like family, defending them as aggressively as possible. Working with a Texas plea agreement lawyer means you have someone by your side, aggressively advocating on your behalf so you have the best outcome possible. An attorney at our firm can help you determine whether a plea agreement is right for you and can stand by your during the process.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is to provide general information and is not to be constituted as legal advice. If you need help with a specific issue, please seek the advice of an attorney.