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At Morales & Sparks, our dedicated attorneys handle matters ranging from simple traffic violations, to deportation, to defending you for multiple criminal charges. We promise that we will do whatever is in your best interest. We treat, defend, and work with everyone like they are our own family. Not many criminal defense lawyers in Texas or immigration attorneys can say that and truly mean it.

Our two world-class attorneys – Mark Morales and Julie Sparks – are some of the top lawyers in Texas. We serve our valued clients in a number of different locations, such as: Georgetown, Austin, Round Rock,  and San Antonio, Texas. We have experience with the judicial system in Travis County, Hays County, Bexar County and Williamson County, we can not only help you with your case, but we can help you win.

The lawyers at Morales & Sparks bring years of experience to the areas of criminal defense and immigration law. Continue reading to find out more about our firm and our philosophy. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a consultation or meeting today.

Teaming Up to Fight Your Criminal Charges in Georgetown, San Antonio, and Austin

Our lawyers take a team-based approach to defending the accused against criminal charges. This collaboration means that every case is handled by our entire office and that our collective experience will be on your side. This is true whether your matter involves a felony, a misdemeanor, or traffic related issues such as reckless driving or a hit and run.

But the work does not stop after your case is completed. We are able to help with additional issues such as gaining a sealing of your criminal record or, if necessary, defending you against the revocation of probation. We know that criminal charges can have a deep impact on one’s life and can cause stress and anxiety when going through a criminal case. Let our team of experts help you in your time of need. We handle several types of cases, including but not limited to:

When you need a criminal defense lawyer in Austin, San Antonio, or Georgetown, Texas, or in another surrounding city, look no further. Contact Morales & Sparks for a case consultation. We promise to “treat you like family, and defend you like family”.

World-Class Experience in Immigration Law in Georgetown, San Antonio, and Austin

It is not uncommon for persons who have been born inside the United States to take for granted the benefits of citizenship. Becoming a citizen, however, is often the ultimate goal for the millions of immigrants who have spent years either attempting to obtain a green card or trying to avoid deportation.

The immigration lawyers at Morales & Sparks – located conveniently in Austin, San Antonio, and Georgetown– believe that all people should have the right to live lawfully within the country in which they have built their lives. We help individuals who live in fear of being deported, and we do everything in our power to help the undocumented obtain visas or other relief.

If you are planning to immigrate to the United States, are in need of assistance with a change of status, or are facing deportation in Immigration Court, our attorneys can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in our Austin, San Antonio or Georgetown offices. We are a multilingual office and we speak Spanish.

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