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Austin, TX and Travis County

Morales & Sparks offices in Austin, Texas offers immigration legal representation. Whether you want to bring family members to the United States, want to enter the United States, are facing deportation orders or have other immigration matters to be resolved, the experienced attorneys at Morales & Sparks are poised to help.

With staff members who are bilingual in Spanish and English, we can provide you with legal assistance even if your primary language isn’t English.

Morales & Sparks Are Your Immigration Attorneys in Austin, TX

Morales & Sparks is part of the Austin community, with offices right in the city. Our world-class attorneys have handled many immigration cases of all types. This experience means we can put our expertise to work on your case.

Austin is the capital of Texas, and is also known for its vibrant arts culture, university, nightlife and more. Home of some of the biggest arts festivals in the country, Austin is considered one of the more desirable cities in which to live. Each year, many people come here to visit or to start a new life.

If you’re looking to immigrate to the area or have already and are in need of support, please consider how we can be of service to you.

Morales & Sparks Can Assist You With Your Immigration Case

Immigration laws exist to ensure people can move to the United States in a secure and safe way. These laws can be complex and sometimes confusing, simply because there are so many applications, visas and types of petitions to consider.

The attorneys at Morales & Sparks can help cut through the confusion in simple language. We can help determine what you’re trying to accomplish and find the right path or application for you. Whether you’re applying for a green card, temporary residency or something else, we can explain to you what your rights and privileges are with the application, and we can determine together whether it’s the right option for you.

Morales & Sparks has helped many families stay together. We’ve also helped many clients move to the United States legally and safely. We have resolved many immigration legal matters, including deportations and appeals.

Our immigration attorneys want the same thing you do: Get a fresh start for you and your family. We can guide you through the application process and work with you to develop a strong application. Whether you’re applying for family-based petitions, student visas, employment-based visas, fiancé visas, asylum, refugee status, entrepreneur visas, citizenship and naturalization, green cards or other processes, our goal is to help you.

Let Morales & Sparks Work With You in Travis County, TX

America was founded on the dream of allowing people to build new lives. If you want to build your life through a visa, permanent presidency or citizenship, we may be able to help.

We will carefully listen to your immigration plans and explore all the ways you may be eligible to apply for further stay in the United States. Our lead attorney Julie Sparks will review your situation and will help you determine how your goal could be reached. We will then help you build your application and file it appropriately with all required evidence and documentation. We can even prepare you for your visa interview or consular interview to ensure you are as ready as possible.

It can be intimidating to go through the immigration process by yourself. With Morales & Sparks, you don’t have to. We will stand by you like family to give you the best chance of success possible. Contact us today.

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