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Bilingual Legal Teams in Texas

The Benefits of Working With a Bilingual Attorney in Central Texas

If you speak Spanish, working with bilingual, Spanish-speaking attorneys in Austin, Texas can be important for your immigration or defense case. The legal team at Morales & Sparks is fluent in English and Spanish. We know we can better help clients by speaking Spanish and by being able to translate documents professionally into Spanish and English. Our team is willing to meet the Spanish-language needs of our clients, since we are fully committed to proving a high standard of client care.

There are many benefits to working with legal teams in Texas who are willing to speak your language:

1) In immigration cases, bilingualism may be a necessity.

In some cases, being able to read or speak Spanish is a nice asset. In immigration cases, however, it may be a necessity. If you were born outside the country and are now seeking to immigrate to the United States, you may be trying to work on your English skills as you try to immigrate.

There may be a lot going on, and working with an attorney who speaks your language ensures you understand and means you do not have to worry about language at consultations. If you are new to the country and are only now learning English, an attorney who speaks your language may be essential.

2) It’s easier to communicate when both you and your attorney speak the same language.

Language barriers are a serious issue. If you struggle to make yourself understood in English or do not understand everything in English, bilingual attorneys in Texas can ensure communication runs smoothly. Bilingual attorneys or attorneys working with interpreters can also save you time, since you do not have to worry about asking an attorney to repeat sentences or struggle to look up words you do not recognize. Additionally, attorneys who can communicate with you in your dominant language can help to make you feel less stressed and more at ease during the entire legal counseling process.

3) Your case may involve documents in another language.

In many cases, birth certificates, school diplomas and other documents in immigration cases may be written in languages other than English. In these cases, it is reassuring to know you are working with a professional team who understands your documents and understands how to have them translated professionally so they are admissible. The attorneys and legal team at Morales & Sparks can ensure all of your documents are translated professionally.

4) Attorneys who are open to other languages may make you feel more comfortable.

Legal and immigration matters often revolve around details. When an attorney speaks your native language, you have an easier time communicating important details accurately. If your attorney speaks Spanish or is willing to work with a translator, you may have an easier time explaining in your native Spanish language exactly what you saw on a specific night or exactly what work qualifications you have which may make you eligible for a visa.

5) Attorneys who speak Spanish or are willing to work with translators can speak to a wider array of witnesses, consultants and experts.

Legal and immigration cases are rarely resolved between an attorney and client. In most cases, there are entire teams involved. In a defense case, witnesses may need to be called. In an immigration case, a peer group or employers may need to be interviewed and may need to submit information.

If these individuals speak Spanish, having a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney or an attorney willing to work with a translator can make them feel more comfortable and can ensure communication is effective and smooth.

6) An attorney who is willing to meet you half-way in language issues can make you feel more comfortable.

When you work with an attorney, it’s important that you trust him or her. An attorney who is willing to work with a translator or an attorney who speaks even some Spanish can help make you feel more at ease. It shows an attorney is willing to honor your background and native language, and is willing to work hard for you on your case. An attorney who offers this level of respect can make you feel more trusting, in turn allowing you to build a stronger client-attorney relationship.

If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney or an immigration attorney, contact Morales & Sparks. Our legal team offers services in both Spanish and English. Our team is highly skilled and can translate documents professionally between English and Spanish. Three of our staff members are immigrants themselves and have a deep understanding of what Spanish-speaking individuals face when trying to immigration as well as the struggles that they endure.

In our immigration practice, especially, the legal team at Morales & Sparks has found Spanish to be an advantage for our clients. If you are looking for bilingual immigration lawyers or attorneys who work with professional translators in Austin, TX, contact Morales & Sparks for a consultation.

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