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Client Reviews

“Mark, Ryan and Julie are THE attorneys I recommend. They treated me like family. They are professional, dedicated and always available for their clients.”
– V.P.

“When I needed someone I could trust—someone who would wholeheartedly fight for me—I had Ryan in my corner. He is genuine (which is rare in the legal system), professional, and compassionate. His confidence calmed me, and his advice empowered me. He doesn’t accept mediocrity, and won’t accept a client that he doesn’t believe in. He put his heart and soul into my case, and truly defended me like I was his own brother. His morals, compassion, authenticity and tireless work ethic absolutely set him apart from any other lawyer in that courtroom.”
– N.D.

“I absolutely love (love!) Mark and his firm. I was in a bind with some legal trouble and Mark was nice enough to not only handle my case on a shoe string budget but also came to visit me at my home for consultation.  As the case approached, Mark called me routinely to just check how I was doing. I was very emotional about my charges and it was a huge relief to have someone as nice and carrying as Mark on my side. Thankfully, with Mark’s help, my charges were dismissed. Since my closed case, I have had to deal with Mark and or his staff on a few occasions and everyone has been super friendly and have followed through with all of my requests in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.”
– P.B.

“Julie Sparks are her team were outstanding from the first day we made contact. Julie kept on top of our case and constantly updated us with information ensuring that we did not miss any deadlines in the residency formalities. She always responded to any of our concerns in a professional and timely manner and the case went through smoothly from inception to completion without any problems and within the time frame Julie said. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Julie and her team. ”
– R.M.

“Ryan is very professional, thorough and extremely compassionate. Not only did he make me aware of every option I had, but he also explained those options, in depth, and established a professional relationship that made the situation easier to deal with. He, in my opinion, is a class act and that ranks him above the rest. His work ethic should be awarded. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!”
– M.B.

“Attorney Mark Morales is really a super lawyer. He afforded a fair justice for me and I am very very glad about it. In fact, from the bottom of my heart, from me and my family, I really thank so much attorney Mark Morales for a job very well done. Thank you so much attorney. More power to you and thank you so much for fighting for the fair justice of everyone. Thank you so much.”
– Anonymous Client

“I am a successful service member serving in the U.S. Air Force today all because of Julie. After almost 3 longs years battling in immigration court, I was finally awarded my “green card.” I was able to graduate college with a Master’s degree and now I am happily married with two kids. Thanks to Julie’s patience and persistence, I am where I am today and extremely proud to be an American Airman. “
– A.H.

“I got married last year…and we were referred to Julie Sparks by several people and even another lawyer. We were treated professionally and courteously. All calls and emails were responded to in a timely manner. My wife and kids’ interviews were here in the U.S. and as of last week, our green cards were approved and issued! Life is great! “
– T.G.

“I knew I was innocent and Mark and his team proved it at trial. Their superb trial skills made all the difference in my getting a not guilty verdict. You are attorneys for life!”
– J.L.

“I met Julie Sparks in a great time of need.  I saw several lawyers about my immigration problems and divorce.  After talking with all of them, Julie Sparks was my pick.  She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and she really cared.  Ms. Sparks helped me with my case within a few days.  I would recommend anyone who is looking for a lawyer who is highly skilled, intelligent, competent and one who truly cares about her client to hire Julie Sparks.”
– M.K.

“I reached out to Mr. Morales in fall of 2014 concerning a DWI 2nd I had gotten. With my stress level at maximum high over the situation. Mr. Morales assured me that everything would be okay and not to worry about it. Well after months of going back and forth to court(which I had did a couple of violation while on bond), Mr.Morales and Mr. Huie was able to get me a good deal… not too long after(a week later), I got into trouble on probation causing my probation officer to file a “motion to revoke/ revocation”. Once again I reached out to Mr. Morales and Mr. Huey for help and as expected their services was phenomenal. They were able to get the prosecutor to drop the “MTR” and do a ” motion to amend.” In conclusion this Law firm is distinguishlying set apart from all the other law firms in my eyes. Thier staff at the office are exceptionally knowledgeable about the law, courts, and judges which helped when Mr.Morales and Mr. Huie was out of the office and couldn’t help me at the moment. I will recommend this Law firm to anyone who is in need of legal help.”
– M.B.

“If you are seeking legal [representation] in the criminal or immigration field, Morales Huie & Sparks is the BEST IN THE BUSINESS. They helped my family and I [achieve] the best resolution possible in my case.”
– M.T.

“Morales, Huie & Sparks PC is amazing!!! They are so dedicated, super nice and very very helpful. They got my case dismissed!! They are willing to truly fight for your case and really do care. I worked a little bit more with Mark Morales and he was just amazing. He knows exactly what he is doing and knows how to go about situations with whatever is thrown his way. I am truly blessed to have had them work with me and work my case and thanks to God and the best Lawyers I’m now free! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
– M.S.

“Wonderful law firm I highly recommend! They were responsive when I had questions. They were available when I needed guidance and feedback. They treated me like family and were able to get my case dismissed entirely!”
– A.M.

“My husband and I met with Julie Sparks for a consultation/review of our immigration documents not knowing what to expect. We wanted to make sure that we had all our papers filled out correctly and wanted a lawyer to review it before we sent it off. We met with Julie and she asked us about our situation and reviewed over our documents marking off things that would usually make for a rejected application. She was very friendly and helpful answering any questions we had. Up until this point my husband and I had been very stressed out by this process and not knowing whether we were on the right track or going about it the right way. We were hesitant about going to a lawyer, because of the high cost and didn’t want to seek counsel for the whole process, just wanted to know whether we were okay to proceed with what he had. Julie knew our case was pretty much cut & dry and except for a few omissions on our part and a few add ons she recommended, she never tried to offer us counsel or seek more services which we appreciated. She saved us from a rejected application at a very affordable price. Doing an adjustment of status is possible on your own, but if you want piece of mind, go to Julie Sparks, she will help you evaluate your situation and save you from a rejected application. We didn’t have any complicated immigration things, but if we did, we would definitely choose Julie to represent us! “
– C.G.

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