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Dealing With Protective Orders After Being Charged With Domestic Violence In Georgetown

Person texting on cell phoneThis is the next post in a series discussing what to know about being charged with a domestic violence-related crime in Georgetown, Texas. Our last post discussed what happens during and immediately following a domestic violence-related arrest. In this article, we will explain how a defendant in Williamson County should proceed when an order of protection is put in place on behalf of the victim.

Williamson County criminal courts will put an order of protection in place after a defendant has been arrested for domestic violence

A Williamson County, Texas magistrate will almost always issue an Order of Protection following a domestic violence arrest. These Orders of Protection typically last from thirty to sixty days. Such orders may be filed even if the victim chooses not to cooperate with the prosecution or the victim and defendant choose to reconcile. An Order of Protection that is filed by a magistrate cannot be dropped by the victim. It must be followed to the letter or else the defendant risks further criminal charges and making his domestic violence case worse. Unfortunately, many defendants make the mistake of thinking that a domestic violence case is a private matter between two parties and ignore the Order of Protection. Such an error can be costly.

Violating a Court’s Order of Protection can lead to additional criminal charges and will make it more difficult to defend your current domestic violence charges. The situation is no longer a private matter between two parties and the defendant’s circumstances will only worsen if he or she contacts the victim. This is important to realize as many defendants erroneously believe that by talking to the victim they can get the victim to drop the charges or somehow not proceed. Even if this were true (and it often is not), the decision as to whether or not the case should proceed is no longer up to the victim, it is up to the state. The state of Texas will not hesitate to prosecute the violation of a protection order and it may very well add charges for stalking and/or harassment. If you are facing this situation then the appropriate step is to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. In addition to Georgetown, we service the surrounding communities of Austin, Bartlett, Cedar Park, Florence, Granger, Hutto, Jarrell, Leander, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Taylor, Thrall, and Weir.

Contact a Georgetown attorney immediately if the victim contacts you after a Williamson County Court has issued a protective order

If the victim in your case attempts to contact you, or mend a relationship while a Protective Order is in place, it is important to contact your attorney immediately. Do not respond to the request for communication. It will still be a violation of the Order to speak with the victim, even if the victim initiated the contact. If you find yourself in this situation then you need to immediately contact your attorney and let him or her know that the victim is initiating contact; victims of domestic violence, or those attempting to fabricate a domestic violence claim, will often initiate contact in an effort to make the criminal case stronger. It is important that one not respond to such attempts.

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