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Real Results

Found Not Guilty At Trial

After leaving a party at a sports bar, a client was pulled over and admitted to drinking and failed field sobriety tests.

Client Released and Case Dismissed

An undocumented college student was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Permanent Residency Granted

Single mother of two children faced deportation to Mexico before an immigrant judge.

Political Asylum Granted

A young Honduran male suffered gang violence, was almost murdered, and then illegally entered the U.S.

VAWA Granted for Husband

Wife took all her husband’s savings and threatened to turn him into immigration.

Case Dismissed and Deportation Avoided

A Mexican national was arrested after accidentally breaking a window on 6th Street.

Case Dismissed and Legalization Options Created

An undocumented boyfriend was falsely accused of domestic violence and arrested.

Divorce Custody

Client returned home one day and discovered that both his wife and his five year old son were not home. He then discovered that his wife had taken his child moved in with her boyfriend. We obtained a court order requiring the wife to return the child to his home and granted our Client temporary custody of the child while the divorce matter was pending.

Default Divorce Vacated

In a divorce case, we successfully vacated a default divorce which was wrongfully granted after our client had not been served with her divorce documents. Vacating the default divorce allowed the client to seek greater custody and visitation rights with her children.

Order of Protection

Client had filed for an Order of Protection against her husband and then took her three young children to another state to escape his physical abuse. We successfully obtain a judgment for divorce with full custody of her children without the husband’s presence in Court based on her inability to locate her husband. This was despite the fact that client had failed to appear for the Order of Protection hearing to testify against her husband.

O-1 Visa Granted

O-1 visa approved for extraordinary musician with a proven record of success in the recording industry .

VAWA Petition Approved for Muslim Female

VAWA petition approved for Muslim female who was the victim of years of domestic violence .

Cancellation of NTA

Green card was returned to Mexican national who was detained at an airport for a past criminal record. An agreement was reached whereby the government will not try to deport him.

Immigration Case Won

I-751 approved for applicant who divorced during the first two years and was the victim of domestic violence.

Asylum Approved

Asylum approved for Venezuelan national whose child was assaulted out of political revenge .

Visa Approved for Mexican National

Mexican national's visa was approved after her return to Mexico for a visa interview, and her green card has been received.

Provisional Waiver Approved

Provisional waiver approved for husband of U.S. citizen wife who suffers from depression.

Deportation Case Terminated

Deportation order reopened and deportation case terminated for Honduran national ordered deported years ago.