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Special Immigration Juvenile Status

We all have a duty to protect children, and United States immigration laws allow for a special status granted to those who may be in danger if they get deported. Vulnerable minors whose best interests are not served by returning to their home country can apply for special immigration juvenile status (SIJS), which allows them to remain in the country and apply for a green card.

Who is eligible for this and how can they go about applying? Our special immigrant juvenile status manual explains this complex legal terminology.

What Is Special Immigration Juvenile Status?

When a child cannot be reunited with one or both parents because of abuse, abandonment or neglect, they can apply for special immigration juvenile status. This statute was enacted in 1990 as a way to protect kids who would be endangered by returning to their home country. Under the law, reunification with one parent must be found to not be viable.

In 2008, the law was refined so that it did not just cover children in foster care. A child may still be eligible for special immigration juvenile status when they live with one of their parents.

Who Can Apply for Special Immigration Juvenile Status?

The SIJS law is complex and covers a number of potential situations for children who come to the United States. An order by a state court must be submitted with the SIJS petition, and various types of proceedings could qualify, including:

  • Custody proceedings
  • Guardianship proceedings
  • Dependency proceedings

How Can You Apply for Special Immigration Juvenile Status?

SIJS requires the assistance of a lawyer focused on immigration who understands the laws in Texas. This claim for children depends on complex interpretations of the law. An attorney demonstrating experience in this area can guide your case and advise you on whether you fit the requirements for SIJS.

In many states, the law remains open to interpretation because the courts are still weighing in on the nuances of these guidelines. A lawyer with knowledge of the latest developments in special immigration juvenile status can advise you on how to fill out an application and what you will need to prove your case.

Contact Morales & Sparks for Your SIJS Case

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