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What Texas Immigrants Should Know About Applying for Cancellation of Removal in immigration court

Gavel and immigration law bookThis is the first post in a series discussing what Texas residents need to know before applying for cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents. Not everyone is eligible for to apply for cancellation of removal. For those who are, acceptance of the application is not guaranteed. In this upcoming series we will discuss what immigrants need to know about applying for relief.

A Texas immigrant in removal proceedings must meet all criteria in order to apply for relief

Federal law allows for the “cancellation” of a person’s removal proceedings only if the immigrant in question qualifies under very strict guidelines. The bare basics that a person must be able to prove prior to applying include having continuously resided in the United States for 10 years, being able to prove good moral character, and being able to demonstrate that one’s removal would cause undue hardship to family members with citizen or permanent resident status. The level of hardship required is very high.  If a Cancellation of Removal is granted then a green card will be issued. However, simply being eligible for a Cancellation of Removal does not automatically mean a person will win their case.

During this series, we will discuss in more detail what a person needs to know about:

  • Gathering supporting documentation that shows a continuous presence in the United States
  • An explanation of what the “good moral character” clause means
  • What questions will be asked regarding your family and your family’s situation
  • What to know about submitting the application
  • What to expect from the biometrics appointment
  • Special considerations that apply to domestic violence victims

Our goal is that this series will help educate those who are currently in removal proceedings, who may have options that they do not know about.

While it is possible to file your own Cancellation of Removal application, it is highly recommended that one hires a qualified immigration attorney to handle the paperwork. Government applications must be filled out in detail and without error. Any error on your application may harm your chances of having your application accepted. If you or a family member are currently in removal proceedings, you may be eligible for relief. Contact our Austin immigration lawyers today.

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