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The Impact Of Criminal Charges On Central Texas Immigrants

This is the first post in a series discussing how being charged with a crime impacts immigrants in the Austin, Texas area. I felt the need to discuss the topic as there is often an overlap between criminal defense and immigration law. Unfortunately, many undocumented residents reach a conclusion in their criminal matter, which they may find reasonable, that has a negative impact on their immigration status. My goal with this series is to help those in our state understand how to proceed if they or a loved one is charged with a crime.

I will be addressing several subjects over my next few articles. Issues I will discuss include:

  • The relationship between immigration law and criminal defense
  • The benefit of hiring an attorney who practices in both areas of the law
  • How criminal charges impact one’s status
  • Key differences between criminal defense and deportation defense

It is important to address these topics for several reasons. First, many undocumented persons who are arrested make the mistake of hiring counsel who does not also practice immigration law. This, unfortunately, may result in embarking upon a defense strategy which can harm one’s immigration status. Second, many immigrants do not begin to appreciate the impact of their criminal case upon their legal status, until after the criminal case is completed. By understanding these issues at the beginning of a criminal case, undocumented persons can better protect their interests going forward.

Our Austin, Texas law office handles both immigration law and criminal defense. Our attorneys take a team-based and collaborative approach to problem-solving and our goal is to help our clients find a solution which will serve their interests in all areas. We will be in regular contact with you throughout both your criminal and immigration cases and will ensure that you understand the processes as both matters move forward. Contact us online or by telephone today. We assist people throughout Travis County, Williamson County, and the rest of Texas. We are ready to assist you.

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